Feast at the Gold Saucer
Season 4

The Gold Saucer has appeared in Midgar!
New challenges await candidates at the glittering park of attractions.

Season Ends: November 30, 2022

The Gold Saucer Added to Midgar (Undercity)

  • GS Battle Square
  • GS Wonder Square
  • An area where candidates do battle with boss monsters.
    Defeat them to earn powerful items!
  • Destroy Whack-a-Boxes here for reward items!

New Locations Added to Midgar (Plateside)

The maximum number of candidates that can join a match on Midgar (Plateside) has been increased from 60 to 75!
*The max for private matches remains at 60.

New Style


Style Ability
Decoy CardDecoy Card
Creates an incarnation of you in the location the card is thrown. The incarnation will attack nearby enemy candidates and monsters for a short amount of time.
Style Ability
Marking CardMarking Card
Allows you to set a card aside that contains half of your HP. If your HP reaches 0 while your HP is stored in the card, you will return to the location of the card and that HP will be restored to you.

New Collection

Defeat monsters to earn special data which can be exchanged for reward items.
The theme for the lineup of season 4 is the Gold Saucer!

  • Character Skin (Legendary)

    Cloud (Gold Outfit) ♂♀

    *Base skin is required for this item.

  • Character Skin (Legendary)

    Tifa (Gold Outfit)

    *Base skin is required for this item.

  • Character Skin (Legendary)

    Gold Cait Sith

  • Back Accessory (Legendary)

    Gold Buster Sword

  • Dagger Skin (Legendary)

    Gold Megaphone

  • Face Accessory (Epic)

    Cait Sith Eye Mask

    Back Accessory (Epic)

    Cait Sith Backpack

New Materia: Tornado

Shoots a ball of wind that explodes in the location it lands.
Blows away candidates and any placeable or trap materia in its blast range, nullifying their effects regardless of whether they were placed by friend or foe.

New Weapons

  • NEW
    Gil Toss Machine Gun
    Gil Toss Machine Gun
    Special weapon that uses gil for ammo. The more gil you possess, the greater amount you can fire at once, increasing the bullet spread.
  • NEW
    Chimeric Vengeance
    Magic sniper rifle. Normally shoots 3 blasts, but when charged with MP, fires a high-speed laser stream.

New Vehicle Type

Candidates can now traverse the training field in glitzy sports cars!

Sports cars accelerate faster than utility vehicles and also have a higher max speed.
Sports car skins will be made available, so make sure to keep an eye out for them!

Head Accessory for All Players

The first time candidates log into the game this season, they will be awarded with the head accessory "Gold Saucer Headband" and the weapon skin "Gold Ticket" for the new Trickster style!

Season 4
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