Season 3

Take the fight plateside!

Season Ends: August 31, 2022

Midgar (Plateside)

The city of mako, a symbol of prosperity and wealth from the gracious Shinra, becomes a battleground.

Candidates will experience true urban combat, complete with highways and skyscrapers, on the Midgar (Plateside) map!
Careless candidates who fall off the plate will meet certain doom, opening the way for new strategies and gameplay opportunities.

New Style



Style Ability
Air GadgetAir Gadget
Ride a gadget that hovers above the ground for increased mobility. Can fire missiles.
Style Ability
Jamming GadgetJamming Gadget
Jams signals nearby, causing damage over time and disabling the use of guns.

New Materia: Water

Release orbs of water in an arc toward enemies.
Effective against enemies behind cover.

New Weapons

  • NEW
    Serpent Launcher
    Fires rockets that travel over long distances and explode upon impact causing heavy damage to surrounding area.
  • NEW
    Dual Wheeler
    Magic assault rifle. Fires like a shotgun when charged with MP.

New Accessories

New defensive and offensive accessories are available to obtain. Existing accessories have also received updates!

Ifrit Belt

Affected Guns: SG & SMG
Killing enemies instantly reloads your gun, and gun power increases momentarily.

Drain Belt

Affected Guns: LMG
Hitting enemies restores your HP.

New Collection

Defeat monsters to earn special data which can be exchanged for reward items.
The theme for the lineup of season 3 is the mysterious whispers!

  • Character Skin (Legendary)

    Whisper Viridi

    Character Skin (Legendary)

    Whisper Rubrum

  • Character Skin (Legendary)

    Whisper Croceo

    Character Skin (Legendary)

    Whisper Harbinger

  • Character Skin (Rare)

    Black Robes (FF7R)

  • Face Accessory (Epic)

    Whisper Harbinger Head

    Back Accessory (Epic)

    Bahamut Backpack

  • H2H Skin (Legendary)

    Whisper Viridi Knuckles

    Sword Skin (Legendary)

    Whisper Rubrum Blade

  • Banners (Rare)

    Whisper Harbinger (FF7R)

    Banners (Rare)

    Whisper Croceo (FF7R)

Character Skin for All Players

Log in to immediately receive the SOLDIER Sample (Mako) skin for free!
Continue to log in for up to 35 Advanced Shinra Pack Tickets--enough to purchase 7 Advanced Shinra Packs!

Season 3
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