Season 2

The battlefield trembles before the sheer force of the new power.

Season Ends: June 2, 2022

Bahamut Descends!

Bahamut, conqueror of the skies, has descended to assert his dominance.
To SOLDIER candidates, Bahamut could either be an invaluable source of power, or certain doom.

The beast will land at specified locations and engage candidates.
Those who are able to overcome the fight and powerful attacks, including Flare Breath and Spin Attack, will earn the right to use the Bahamut summon materia!

New Style


Style Trait
Sky PredatorSky Predator
Jumping from high altitudes will allow you to glide. Jump attacking from high altitudes will perform a divebomb attack.
Style Ability
High JumpHigh Jump
Grants you the ability to jump high and drift down slowly.

Unique Guns

These special guns have attacks that work very differently from regular guns.
Pick them up and experience them for yourself!

  • NEW
    Infernal Cannon
    Infernal Cannon
    Homing laser can be fired by firing like normal, while holding the fire button will fire a heavy laser.
  • NEW
    Flare Thrower
    Flare Thrower
    A flamethrower that can incinerate any unlucky enough to be nearby.

New Materia: Teleport

Teleport allows you to create a portal to another location.
Other players can use the portals you've placed. This allows for devious strategic plays, assuming it doesn't backfire on you!
In particular it can be helpful in coordinated team play.

New Collection

Earn data items by defeating monsters and exchange them for items.
Bahamut serves as the theme for season 2!

  • Character Skin (Legendary)

    Cloud (Bahamut Outfit)

  • Character Skin (Legendary)

    Neo Bahamut (FF7)

    Character Skin (Legendary)

    Whisper Bahamut (FF7R)

  • Character Skin (Rare)

    Toasted Candidate Outfit

  • Summon Skin (Legendary)

    Summon Bahamut SIN (FF7 AC)

    Summon Skin (Legendary)

    Summon Bahamut Fury (CC FF7)

  • Head Accessory (Epic)

    Bahamut Hat

    Back Accessory (Epic)

    Bahamut Wings

  • Gun Skin (Epic)

    Whisper Bahamut Camo

At the start of Season 2, the Cloud Bundle (FF7R), Security Officer Outfit Bundle, and Tifa Bundle (FF7R) will be available again!

  • Cloud Bundle (FF7R)

    • ・Body Skin: Cloud (FF7R)
    • ・Face Accessory: Cloud's Earring (FF7R)
    • ・Back Accessory: Buster Sword (FF7R)
    • ・Sword Skin: Buster Sword (FF7R)
    • ・Emote: Gloat
    • ・Banner: Cloud (FF7R)
  • Tifa Bundle (FF7R)

    • ・Body Skin: Tifa (FF7R)
    • ・Face Accessory: Tifa's Earring (FF7R)
    • ・Gun Skin: Silver Chain
    • ・Bike Skin: Seventh Heaven
    • ・Emote: Keep Quiet
    • ・Banner: Tifa (FF7R)
  • Security Officer Outfit Bundle

    • ・Body Skin: Security Officer Outfit
    • ・Head Accessory: Security Officer Helmet
    • ・Chocobo Head Skin: Security Officer Bridle
    • ・Chocobo Saddle Skin: Security Officer Saddle
    • ・Emote: Salute
    • ・Banner: Security Officer
  • The skins in the Cloud Bundle (FF7R) and Security Officer Outfit Bundle are for either ♂ or ♀ body types.
    Please choose which body type you want your skins to be before completing your purchase.

Chocobo Skin for All Candidates

Log in during Season 2 for the free Bahamut Bridle skin to put on your chocobo!

Season 2
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