Season 1
Rise of Shinra

Combat training takes place in the mako-powered city of Midgar,
built by the Shinra Electric Power Company.

Season Ends: Feb. 28, 2022

Training Field

Combat training takes place in the Midgar Undercity where you can visit familiar locations including the Sector 7 Undercity, Corneo's Mansion, and a certain house surrounded in greenery.

  • Sector 7 Undercity

  • Corneo's Mansion

  • House with Greenery


Choose from several different combat styles, each with their own strengths.
Which style best suits you?

  • Warrior

    Style Trait
    Fearless Charge
    Increases the distance that you can target with a melee attack and allows you to charge at targets. A barrier that decreases damage is applied to you while charging.
  • Sorcerer

    Style Trait
    Magic Boost
    Upgrading your melee weapon increases the damage dealt by materia, and the effects of Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder are augmented. MP recovers faster.
  • Ninja

    Style Trait
    Allows you to jump again midjump or after falling from parkour.
  • Monk

    Style Trait
    Inner Strength
    Automatically recovers a portion of the damage received. Also, once a match, when reduced to 20% HP or less, a recovery effect will activate and all of your melee attacks will become critical hits for a short time.
  • Ranger

    Style Trait
    Ammunitions Expert
    Increases inventory for ammo and the amount of ammo you find. Reload time is decreased by 20%.


Monsters such as bombs and hedgehog pies can be found throughout the training field. Defeat them for experience points and loot.

Take on the Scorpion Sentinel

Scorpion sentinels have a chance to spawn at several locations around the map.
Their attack power and defenses are leagues above other monsters, but you'll be rewarded handsomely if you manage to take one down.


Defeat monsters to earn special data which can be exchanged for reward items.
The theme for the lineup of season 1 is moogle cuteness!

Unique Guns

These special guns have attacks that work very differently from regular guns.
Pick them up and experience them for yourself!

  • Buzzsaw Launcher
    Fires chainsaw shots. The rounds stick to the target and inflict damage when touched.
  • Bomb Launcher
    Uses bombs as rounds. Can be reloaded by weakening bombs and sucking them up.
  • Polestar
    Special shotgun. When the shells hit a special coin, they turn into lasers and fire.


Use summoning materia in the training field to call a summon to your aid.
Summons inflict powerful damage on large areas and will give you an advantage in combat.
Ifrit and Shiva can be summoned this season!

  • Ifrit
    Burns any in its path with the Crimson Dive attack.
  • Shiva
    Freezes any surrounding enemies with the Diamond Dust attack.

Season 1
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