Season 1
Season Pass

Season Ends: Feb. 28, 2022

Season Pass Rewards

Unlock the season pass for access to costumes including Rufus (FF7R), Scorpion Sentinel, Military-Issue Long Coat, Unknown Entity, and more, then take to the battlefield in style.

Clear Challenges to Increase Your Level and Unlock Rewards

Clearing challenges will grant stars (★), which go toward increasing your season level.

Raise your season level enough and you'll unlock the next season's pass for free and earn 500 Shinra Credits.

Increases the number of secret boxes you can collect during a match from 1 to 2. Secret boxes, which are obtained from chests and other means, contain items such as chocobo eggs, gil, and data items, which can be exchanged for various rewards from the collection screen.

Free Rewards

The Shock Trooper Outfit, Scorpion Sentinel Camo gun skin, Candidate Backpack back accessory, Shinra Pack Tickets, and gil are just some of the rewards available.

These rewards are available to unlock for all players of FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER.

Season 1
Rise of Shinra