Limited Prize Pool: Surf of the Water God Now Available!

Chance at seasonal items!

Additional items to heat up the Surf of the Water God event are here! Purchase 9 times and get all available items! Equip Swimming Moogle Costume or River Chocobo Hoodie for 50% more Water God Medals!

Featured Items

Character Skin: Swimming Moogle Costume Character Skin: River Chocobo Hoodie Back Accessory: Inflatable Cactuar Head Accessory: Military-Issue Snorkel Mask Helicopter Skin: Surf Cactuar Helicopter Utility Vehicle Skin: Surf Cactuar Utility Vehicle Emote: Splish Splash Emote: Watermelon Split Gun Skin: Surf Camo Equip the Swimming Moogle Costume or River Chocobo Hoodie in a match to obtain 50% more medals (rounded down to the nearest decimal point). *This boost does not apply to medals obtained from challenges. *This boost is only granted once regardless of how many relevant items you have equipped. *The Limited Prize Pool can be purchased up to 9 times. The same item cannot be obtained more than once within this Limited Prize Pool. *The amount of Shinra Credits needed changes each time the Limited Prize Pool is purchased. See the Appearance Rates page in-game for details.


7/25/2022 (Mon.) 02:00 - 8/11/2022 (Thu.) 01:59 UTC

*Exclusive or limited-time items may be made available again in future updates.