Blitz Mode is Back with Updates!

Blitz Mode returns with a ranking feature, matching feature, balance updates, and more!

Blitz Mode, a king-of-the-hill battle feature in which candidates compete in small teams to capture specific areas, is back! *We plan to make further updates to this game mode going forward.

We have made numerous updates based on the feedback you provided us last time.

New Features

■Blitz Mode Rankings Players will be ranked in Blitz Mode. Rankings are determined by points earned in the event. - Blitz Points (BP) The BP you have will determine your rank. ┗Players start with 1000 BP. ┗Winning a match increases your BP, and losing a match decreases them. ┗The amount of BP earned or lost in a match is based on the average BP of the members of your team and your opponents. ┗Leaving a match before it ends will be punished with doubled BP loss for the player who quit. ┗BP will reset after the event ends.

- Ranking Rewards 1st

1st - 10th

11th - 100th

■Checking Progress You can confirm your progress during the event. ■Matching with BP Matching will be prioritized with players who have a BP count close to your own.


- Guns no longer fixed The main gun was fixed the last time the event was held, but now both the main and sub guns can be chosen. The MP-60 Type A can be purchased or sold at no gil cost. *Upgrading costs 200 gil. - Materia changes Preset materia has been changed, and materia available to purchase has also been adjusted. - Accessories added Accessories are now among the items available to purchase. You can only have up to one accessory equipped in a match. - Enemy team materia visual adjustment It will now be easier to distinguish between allied and enemy thunder, blizzard, and gravity materia effects. *This change also applies to other game modes. Enemy team materia visual

Ally materia visual

- Regarding machinist style The machinist's abilities are believed to be excessively powerful for the size of the Shinra Building map, so the machinist is unavailable in this game mode. We will consider whether it is feasible to add it in a future update. - Maximum MP by round adjusted Maximum MP by round has been adjusted as follows. Round 1: 4 MP Round 2: 5 MP Round 3: 6 MP - Adjustment to objects that restore HP and MP Time between spawns increased. - Adjustments to teleport locations Certain teleport locations have been adjusted. - Adjustment to purchase phase If you have an item selected when time runs out but have not yet finalized your purchase, the item you have highlighted will be purchased automatically when time runs out.

Blitz Mode Availability

7/7/2022 (Thu.) 07:00 - 7/19/2022 (Tue.) 01:59 UTC *Matches available until 7/19/2022 (Tue.) 00:59 UTC

Blitz Mode Celebratory Challenges

Special challenges to earn V. Holo I Prem. Shinra Pack Tickets and stars for your season pass will be available during the event. Check in-game for full details.


7/7/2022 (Thu.) 07:00 - 7/18/2022 (Mon.) 01:59 UTC

Blitz Mode Celebratory Login Bonuses

Day 1 V. Holo I Prem. Shinra Pack Ticket x5 Day 2 V. Holo I Prem. Shinra Pack Ticket x3  Day 3 V. Holo I Prem. Shinra Pack Ticket x3  Day 4 V. Holo I Prem. Shinra Pack Ticket x3  Day 5 V. Holo I Prem. Shinra Pack Ticket x3  Day 6 V. Holo I Prem. Shinra Pack Ticket x3 


7/7/2022 (Thu.) 07:00 - 7/18/2022 (Mon.) 01:59 UTC

About Blitz Mode: Shinra Building

Candidates battle it out to capture or defend specific locations in 3-vs.-3 matches that consist of 3 rounds. The roles of each team change each round and the team that is first to take two rounds wins.

■Match Rules - Conditions for Winning a Match The first team to take 2 rounds wins. - Conditions for Winning a Round Offense Team: Completely capture 2 locations Defense Team: Defend locations until time runs out - Time Limit ┗One round is up to 300 seconds. ┗The initial time in a round is 180 seconds, and taking the first location will add 120 seconds to the clock. ┗If the offense team fails to take the first location within 180 seconds, the defense team will win the round. - Overtime If the time limit is reached while anyone on the offense team is in a location, overtime will go into effect until there is no one on the offense team in the location.    *The presence of the offense team in a location, regardless of whether they have been defeated, determines when overtime ends. - Respawning Dying in a battle will cause you to respawn automatically at the starting point. When you respawn, you will have two hi-potions in your inventory. - Alternating Offense and Defense Round 1: Team roles are decided randomly after matching Round 2: Team roles are reversed Round 3: Team roles are decided randomly - Locations Square locations exist on floors 1 and 2 of the map. The offense team's goal is to capture the location on floor 1 of the map, while the defense team's goal is to prevent it from being taken. Taking the first location will unlock the second location, with the goals of each team the same as before.  - Capturing Locations If a member of the offense team is in the square area of a location, a gauge will fill, and when filled completely, the location will be captured. The presence of more offense team members will cause the gauge to fill more quickly. However, if even one member of the defense team is in the area, the gauge will not fill, regardless of the number of offense team members present. *The gauge will not decrease.

- Styles and Preset Equipment In this mode each style has two materia that are automatically set to it. These preset materia cannot be swapped out, but can be strengthened. Players can choose two guns, one materia, and one accessory during the purchase phase. - Style Abilities and Skills Style abilities and skills as set on the home screen will be utilized.

- Purchase Phase Before a battle starts, a purchase phase begins. An amount of gil will be given to players each round, and can be consumed to purchase or upgrade items. Selecting "Reset" will allow you to sell all items purchased thus far with a full gil refund.