Update Notice Regarding Tournament Preparation

Hello everyone, it's Ichikawa, producer of FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER, here. Today we've started accepting entries for the first official tournament for the Japanese version of FF7FS, so I'd like to take this opportunity to share some important details regarding additions and adjustments we'll be making in preparation for the tournament. This first tournament will be held in Japan, but we do have plans for tournaments in other regions, so we will announce information regarding this when the time comes. Despite the first tournament being limited to Japan, the preparations, which I will go into more detail on below, will affect all regions, so please keep that in mind as you read on. During maintenance on 6/17 (Fri.), we will be implementing the below updates. Some will be permanent, while others will be just during the tournament period. To avoid confusion before going into the tournament, we are announcing the following changes that we feel are most important in advance. We intend to follow up with more update information at a later date.

[Permanent Updates] Implemented from 6/17 (Fri.)

Kill Attribution Adjustment

Currently kills are attributed to both the player that downs an enemy candidate and the player that defeated that enemy candidate. As a result of this, players are able to take advantage of this system to intentionally increase the total number of kills they achieve as a team. The total number of kills achieved as a team serves as the base for determining score for tournaments, so we are adjusting the way kills are attributed to stop kills being awarded to a team twice. ■Adjustment Details■ -When an enemy candidate is defeated, the kill will only be attributed to the player that downed that enemy candidate. -When an enemy candidate is downed by damage that is not the result of a teammate's attack (such as taking damage from the hazard zone, falling, monsters, or self-inflicted damage), the kill will be attributed to the last player that inflicted damage on the enemy candidate within 10 seconds before they were downed. This update is going to be implemented for the first tournament, but it will also be applied to ranked and standard matches going forward, so it will affect the kill count for record data, titles, challenges, in-game orders, and various other areas where kill count is relevant. *The kill log will also show the player that downed the enemy candidate who is defeated as the kill is attributed to them.


With the adjustment to kill attribution, we anticipate that number of kills that players can rack up will be decreased. To counterbalance this, we are introducing an "Assist" feature that allows players to earn merit for aiding in kills. ■Details■ -If you inflict damage on an enemy candidate within 15 seconds before a team members downs them, it will count as an assist for you. -In addition to kills, assists will also be factored into RP obtained from ranked matches, in-game XP, and EXP obtained at the end of a match. *Assists do not count as kills, so they will not count towards reaching certain requirements. However, for the three factors mentioned above, they will basically carry the same weight as a kill.

Crosshair Settings

In response to requests to make the crosshairs easier to see, we are adding a crosshair settings section to the controls menu in the settings. With this feature, you can adjust the shape, thickness, and color of your crosshairs. You can also turn on the option to automatically change the color of your crosshairs when you target an enemy. In tournaments, having a difference in crosshair visibility may cause an unfair advantage, so with the implementation of this feature, we will not be permitting customization of crosshairs such as putting buttons, etc., over the crosshairs on the HUD.

[Temporary Updates] 6/17 (Fri.) - End of Tournament

Revival Ring Removed

After careful consideration of how this item will affect the tournament, we have decided to make it so that the Revival Ring does not appear in team matches. In the major update for season 3, we adjusted the training zone so that when it shifts at the beginning of stage 5 in the final phase, it would also shrink until it reaches a radius of 0m. We have discovered that in this final stage when the training zone is completely shrunken, being in possession of the Revival Ring grants a big advantage in the fight to endure damage as it grants you the ability to revive yourself when downed by the hazard zone. We feel that this item has too great of an effect on the outcome of a match, so we have decided to remove it. The removal of this item is for the tournament, but due to the way the game is designed, it will also be removed from regular ranked and standard matches. Once the tournament has ended, we will return it to the game.

[Measures During Qualification]

Ranked matches for the qualification rounds and the finals of the tournament will take place in the Midgar Undercity (original) map. During the pre-qualification rounds, we would also like to simulate this, so we are stopping the map rotation and will make Midgar Undercity the fixed map for ranked matches and Midgar Plateside the fixed map for standard matches.

[Affected Period]

6/24 (Fri.) 2:00 - 6/26 (Sun.) 16:59 UTC

*17:00 - 1:59 UTC is downtime. Matches that end during downtime will not be factored into the standings.

Thank you for sticking with me through to the end. Stay tuned for more update info. See you next time!