Premium Shinra Packs (FF7) D Now Available!

Polygonal skins of the Shinra Electric Power Company vice president and two veteran Turks are now available.

Don nostalgic FF7-style Rufus, Reno, and Rude skins as a team, and take to the streets of Midgar!

Featured Items

Character Skin: Rufus (FF7) Character Skin: Reno (FF7) Character Skin: Rude (FF7) Shuriken Skin: Conformer (FF7) Staff Skin: Princess Guard (FF7) Spear Skin: Venus Gospel (FF7) About Premium Shinra Packs (FF7) D - Premium Shinra Packs can be purchased with 300 Shinra Credits or 5 Premium Shinra Pack Tickets. - A legendary is guaranteed every 25th pack. *Excluding packs obtained using tickets.


6/23/2022 (Thu.) 02:00 - 7/7/2022 (Thu.) 01:59 UTC

*Exclusive or limited-time items may be made available again in future updates.