Season 3 Update Notes 

Hello everyone, it's Ichikawa, producer of FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER, here. In this letter I'll be covering update information on Season 3: Highway Star. There is lots to get through including details regarding balance adjustments, new features, and more, so I hope you stay with me until the end!

Season 3 Update Notes

New Map: Midgar Plateside

We've added a new map with this season's update. The new "Midgar Plateside" map is based on the Midgar metropolis that sprawls out on top of the plate. This map is slightly smaller than the existing "Midgar Undercity" map, but it features many familiar locations and provides a battleground for heated urban combat. As this map is smaller than the existing map, we have reduced the maximum number of candidates per single match to 60.

We've made sure to incorporate various nostalgic locations for long-time fans, but also areas specially designed specifically for FF7FS. You can experience this map with either a daytime or nighttime theme, which is decided randomly at the start of the match.

As this map is located on top of the plate, avoid getting hit with aero or melee attacks when you're at Mako Reactor 1 or the edge of the plate as it could cause you to fall to your demise.

Also, stay away from the mako pools inside Mako Reactor 1 as they'll deal damage over time.

The new "Midgar Plateside" map and the existing "Midgar Undercity" map will rotate between each other every 30 mins. See the chart below for details. ◆Rotation Schedule

Solo Team
Ranked Matches New Map New Map
Standard Matches Existing Map Existing Map
After 30 Minutes
Solo Team
Existing Map Existing Map
New Map New Map

New Monsters: Security Officer & Guard Dog

New monsters "security officer" and "guard dog" appear in the Midgar Plateside map.

These new additions frequently appear together and attack with both ranged gunfire and melee attacks making them formidable opponents, especially in the early stages of a match. Certain security officers wield a shotgun that packs a heavy punch, so make sure to be vigilant when engaging them.

New Style: Machinist

A new style joins the fight with season 3. The machinist uses various gadgets to assist in combat, such as a highly mobile hoverboard gadget that can shoot guided missiles and a gadget that creates a field temporarily preventing the use of guns. ▼Style Trait: Support Gear When a gadget that you used in an ability is destroyed, up to 3 sub-gadgets to support you will be created. Support Gear sub-gadgets will be active for 120 seconds, and for each active sub-gadget damage inflicted upon you will be reduced by 3%.

▼Ability 1: Air Gadget This spawns a gadget that hovers and allows you to travel around the map at increased speed. The air gadget can be used to jump and speed out of sticky situations, and launch guided missiles. Once you jump off the air gadget, it will continue in a straight line until it hits an enemy or obstacle upon which it will explode, inflicting damage to any within the blast radius. *The air gadget has a maximum of 400 HP and it loses 5 HP every second until it reaches 0 upon which it will explode.

▼Ability 2: Jamming Gadget This creates a special field with a radius of 30m. For approximately 30 seconds, all monsters and candidates within the field are prevented from using gun-type weapons and they take 4 damage every 2 seconds. The jamming gadget has a maximum of 50 HP, so it can be destroyed relatively quickly by attacking it.

The Machinist can learn 3 different style skills each of which provides additional effects to the Support Gear trait. ▼Skill 1: Shooting Gadget When you use a gun to inflict damage on a monster or an enemy candidate, a sub-gadget will assist you with additional shooting attacks. (Each attack will inflict up to 9 damage.)

▼Skill 2: Healing Gadget When your HP falls below a certain amount, a sub-gadget will self-destruct to heal you for up to 40 HP.

▼Skill 3: Blast Gadget When an enemy candidate that you exchanged damage with is within 10m, a sub-gadget will explode, inflicting up to 20 damage to any within the surrounding area.

New Weapons: Serpent Launcher & Dual Wheeler

Two new weapons have been added with season 3. ▼Serpent Launcher This is a legendary gun that can be found in supply drops and vaults. It fires rockets that explode upon impact causing heavy damage. It can only hold 4 rockets, but what it lacks in load capacity it makes up for in firepower, dealing a mighty 100 damage per rocket. It's extremely effective against objects and can stop vehicles such as bikes and utility vehicles dead in their tracks with a single rocket.

▼Dual Wheeler This can mainly be obtained from supply containers and chests. However, it is quite rare, so equip the fortune ring for a better chance at finding one. This special assault rifle has two different shooting modes and uses mako rounds that stand out due to their bright green color.

When firing using the standard assault rifle mode, its shooting gauge will decrease until it reaches 0 when it must be reloaded. Unlike traditional assault rifles, once you stop shooting, its gauge will fill automatically allowing you to avoid the reload downtime if you use it strategically. Charging this weapon with 2 MP will switch it to a shotgun-style mode. Despite only holding 3 rounds, each packs a heavy punch with a wide spread, making it highly effective in close-quarters combat.

New Materia: Water

New water materia has been added with season 3. Lock on to enemies and inflict damage with water materia. Even enemies behind cover won't be able to hide from its tracking ability. You can choose from 3 different trajectories when you launch this materia. Use the virtual pad to select to attack from the left, right, or center. *Each attack requires 1 MP and deals 20 damage when landed successfully. As this materia levels up, the number of water spheres it fires increases up to a max of 3. *When used as a sorcerer, the size of the water spheres and area of damage is increased 1.5x.

New Accessories

A total of 9 new accessories have been added this season and various existing accessories have been either removed or adjusted.

Attack Accessories

▼Ifrit Belt Affected Weapons: Submachine Guns (SMG) & Shotguns (SG) When an enemy candidate is killed, reloads gun instantly and increases gun firepower by 20% for 50 seconds. ▼Shiva Bangle Affected Weapons: Assault Rifles (AR) When hit with gunfire, target's movement speed is reduced for 0.4 seconds. ▼Bio Bangle Affected Weapons: Handguns (HG) & Sniper Rifles (SR) When hit with gunfire, target is inflicted with bio for 5 seconds. ▼Drain Belt Affected Weapons: Light Machine Guns (LMG) Restores 5 HP each time you land a hit on an enemy with gunfire. This effect applies even when already inflicted with bio.

Defense Accessories

▼Fire Ring Reduces fire-type damage by half. ▼Blizzard Ring Reduces blizzard-type damage by half and nullifies the effects of slow. ▼Thunder Ring Reduces thunder-type damage by half and nullifies the effects of blind. ▼Star Pendant Nullifies the effects of poison. ▼Talisman Increases automatic MP recovery speed by 30%. *Does not stack with the MP recovery effects of Arcane Field.

Existing Accessories

▼Cat's Bell Restores 5 HP every 5 seconds (increased from 2 HP). ▼Shelter Ring Reduces explosion damage by half (changed from damage nullified to half damage). ▼Fortune Ring Items added when opening chests adjusted: -Gil -Hi-Potion -All materia (epic and above) -All accessories (epic and above) -Legend rarity guns (other than unique guns) ▼Jewel Pendant & Lightweight Shoes No longer drop in season 3.

Accessory Chests

New attack/defense accessories at rarity epic or higher have a high chance to appear in newly added accessory chests. *New accessories can also be obtained via other means at a lower appearance rate.

New Collection

During Season 3, you can exchange for items themed on the Whispers in the Collection. 

Skins such as "Whisper Harbinger", "Whisper Viridi", and more can be obtained in the Collection.

Aim Assist Adjustments & Adjustments to Damage Reduction from Distance

Aim assist has been improved for season 3. While being able to use abilities and materia to achieve a wide range of movements and evasive actions is a strength of FF7FS, it can make it difficult to target other candidates. This is a problem that mobile shooting games experience due to the constraints of a mobile device. We will continue to make improvements to aiming, specifically for beginner and intermediate candidates to provide an experience that is better suited to mobile, but in this latest update we have started by making the following adjustments: ▼Aim Assist Aim is assisted to follow a target's movement. *Most effective at a distance of 30m - 50m and will not function at 150m or more. ▼Camera Sensitivity Assist Camera speed slows down when nearing target when aiming down sight. These assist features can be turned on/off in the Controls section in the Settings.

Damage reduction based on range has also been adjusted in line with the adjustment of aim assist. Until now, damage was the same regarding the distance for each gun up until the point just before the bullets fail to reach their target. From this season, we have adjusted it so that damage dealt is reduced based on distance from the target. This adjustment will mean that weapons that deal heavy damage up close such as the shotgun will see their damage reduced drastically over distances, while guns such as sniper rifles that are effective from a distance will continue to deal ranged damage consistently. We have summarized the damage reduction based on range in the chart below for reference. *As mentioned in the stability improvements in the next section, we have reduced the greatest distance a bullet can travel from 500m to 400m. Damage reduction based on distance and range for each gun type.

*Basic reference for each gun type

Stability Improvements

As a result of the past improvements that we implemented, we have been able to maintain the percentage of crashes in the single-digit range, but we have introduced more improvements with the season 3 update to further increase stability. -Feature to only show standard skins for candidates other than yourself or your teammates. Turning this feature on will only show the standard ♂ or ♀ Candidate Fatigues for candidates that are not on your team. Also, guns that another candidate has picked up at least once or vehicles that other candidates have ridden in will be displayed with default skins. -Map background and actor (candidates, items, and other general assets) display and synchronization distance adjusted. We have adjusted the display and synchronization distance of the map background and general assets to reduce stress on memory capacity within a range that doesn't negatively affect gameplay. As a result of this, player models that were slightly further than 400m away were previously displayed, but they will now only appear when at 400m or closer. Other instances where certain models were previously visible from a distance may no longer be visible at the same distance. *Due to this adjustment, the furthest distance a bullet can travel has been reduced from 500m to 400m. Despite receiving feedback that players are experiencing fewer crashes, we have seen an increase in the number of players reporting hitching and freezing issues. We will continue to work on fixing stability issues, but hitching and freezing issues are also a high priority for us, so we will work to make improvements to address these issues where we can.

Balance Adjustments


▼Assault Rifles (AR) Lethal Gaze continued to be the dominant choice of assault rifle in season 2, so we have made adjustments to make other assault rifles more attractive. -Lethal Gaze ⇒Ammo capacity decreased ⇒Slight decrease in bullet range compared to other AR -Combat Rifle Mod 2 ⇒Ammo capacity increased -Shinra Type B Assault Rifle ⇒Base damage increased ▼Sniper Rifles (SR) Due to damage reduction adjustments, the Executioner Gamma saw a drop in its usage, so we have made some adjustments to strengthen it and increased the damage of other sniper rifles. -Executioner Gamma ⇒Base damage increased ⇒Headshot damage bonus increased -Mark 5 Sniper Rifle ⇒Base damage increased ▼Light Machine Guns (LMG) The fire rate of the Inferno was slower than other light machine guns and the delay time before the Gryphon fires caused these two weapons to be used less than others, so we have adjusted them to inflict more damage. Also, with the adjustments for damage reduction based on range, we have made it so that these weapons do slightly more damage from a distance than assault rifles. -Inferno ⇒Base damage increased -Gryphon ⇒Base damage increased ▼Shotguns (SG) Shotguns deal heavy damage when fired from a close range as they do not suffer from damage reduction based on range, but as the Eclipse Eater possesses great kill performance, we have made the following adjustments to it. -Eclipse Eater ⇒Base damage decreased ⇒Ammo capacity decreased ▼Handguns (HG) The Wrath Revolver is a weapon loved by many, but in light of the damage it deals at close range with headshots facilitated by aim assist, we have opted to weaken it a little. -Wrath Revolver ⇒Headshot damage bonus decreased ⇒Time between shots increased with the exception of legendary rarity ▼Unique Guns The Flare Thrower and Infernal Cannon both saw lots of action in season 2, so they will be benched for the time being for season 3. In an attempt to bring the Buzzsaw Launcher into the limelight, we have made the following adjustments. -Buzzsaw Launcher ⇒Time between shots decreased ⇒Bullet speed increased -Flare Thrower & Infernal Cannon ⇒No longer drop


▼Ranger -Style skill "Sniper's Eye" strengthened ⇒Teammates can also see the marker attached to targets


▼Bio As the effects of poison would last up to 30 seconds, we have reduced the time poison is applied, so that poisoned candidates can get back into the fight in a more timely manner. ▼Aero Aero can be useful for both traveling and attacking, but using aero to jump constantly during a battle was negatively affecting the pace of combat, especially in the later stages of a match, so we have reduced the amount of time aero appears for. ▼Comet Despite being a very powerful materia, the delay time before activation made landing attacks with this no easy task. We have reduced the time it takes for the comets to come raining down after activation in this latest update. As this reduction in time delay will make it easier to land attacks, we have reduced the damage that each single comet does. ⇒Time between use and comets dropping decreased significantly ⇒Damage per comet reduced ▼Ifrit The time it took for Ifrit to seek out enemies was quite delayed, so we have adjusted this to make Ifrit more active. ⇒Now tracks and prioritizes attacks on candidates the summoner inflicts damage upon ⇒Time between attacks reduced ⇒Warp location adjusted ▼Shiva Shiva will not drop in season 3 for the time being. She may reappear again strengthened in the future, so keep a look out for updates on this.


▼Potion Usage Restrictions Adopting a play style where a significant part of your combat is aerial allows you to attack and heal with very little downtime before each of these actions. We feel that this is creating undesirable gameplay patterns, so we have decided to make potions only usable when on the ground. ⇒Removed ability to use potions while jumping or in the air ▼Bahamut Chests Removed Temporarily Bahamut chests have been removed at the beginning of season 3 for the time being. ▼Adjustments to Blind When blind, you can no longer lock on to targets when using melee attacks. ▼Training Field Shrinking Until now in the final phase of the match, the size of the training zone would not change, but the position would shift after a certain amount of time. Recently we have seen a trend of matches dragging on for a long time in this phase, so we have adjusted it so that the training zone will shrink after a certain amount of time has passed. ⇒When the training zone begins to shift at the beginning of stage 5 in the final phase, it will also shrink until it reaches a radius of 0m. *In stage 4 of the final phase, the location the training zone will shift to next will not be displayed on the mini-map, but instead a white dotted line will be displayed to show the final destination of the shrunken training zone.

New Features

Exploration Mode

We've had lots of requests asking for a feature where players can freely explore the map, so we have added an Exploration Mode. You can check out the various locations in a map to help you get a better understanding of the topography which might give you the edge in battle. If you're more of a casual player, you can just wander around freely or hang out with your teammates in one of the many iconic locations.

Private Matches Launch Officially

Private matches, which have been in beta, are now officially available. Use a Private Match Key to create a private match room where you can host up to 75 candidates. This version of private matches will only feature regular battle royale rules, but we plan to make adjustments and updates in the future to allow for more varied matches. Update (6/3): You are able to choose between the Midgar Undercity and Midgar Plateside maps, but the maximum player count on Midgar Plateside is limited to 30 in order to minimize server load. *Private match keys can be purchased from the private match creation screen or from the participant confirmation screen.

Visible Conditions to Reach SOLDIER Prime

Until now we only announced that the top 500 candidates would qualify to reach the rank of SOLDIER Prime, but now we have added a feature that shows how many RP you need to be promoted to this elite rank.

Error Corrections

-When using a controller on iOS, even after releasing your finger from the R trigger, your weapon would continue to fire. -When respawned with a PHS, the sound effects of the drop helicopter did not play. -Certain devices were unable to select the "Highest" graphics setting despite meeting the requirements to use this setting. -At times during the start of a match, a helicopter with the same skin as your helicopter was shown as a reflection. -When crawling, the camera sometimes failed to face forward. -Randomization settings for items held by NPCs fixed. -Certain boss actions fixed. -Other small bug fixes.

There was a lot to get through for the Season 3 Update Notes, but I hope you found it all informative and useful! I hope that you have lots of fun with the new map, new Machinist style, new water materia, and all of the other adjustments and additions we made, but we also have additional updates in the pipeline for season 3, so keep a look out for future update info. Blitz Mode: Shinra Building was popular in season 2, so we hope to brush it up even more and bring it back later on in season 3. We also have a summer-themed event planned and the mysterious "Variant Mode" to come! We look forward to turning the heat up in FF7FS for the summer! Until next time!