New Team-Based Battle Mode!

Blitz Mode, a king-of-the-hill battle feature in which candidates compete in small teams to capture specific areas, is now available! Battles take place in the Shinra Building!

Unlike regular matches, Blitz Mode: Shinra Building will only be available as an event match mode for a limited time.

About Blitz Mode: Shinra Building

In this mode, candidates battle it out in teams of 3 to take control of specified locations. Either an attacking role or a defense role will be assigned to your team. The roles switch depending on the round, and the team that wins 2 rounds first will be the victor.

-Conditions for Winning a Round  Offense Team: Completely capture 2 locations  Defense Team: Successfully hold at least one location until the time runs out

-Default guns and materia will be issued to you at the beginning of the match based on the style you choose. You are also issued gil at the beginning of each round which you can use to purchase items.

■Match Rules -Time per round: Up to 300 seconds └The first phase is 180 seconds; an additional 120 seconds is added if location 1 is captured. -Respawns: Auto respawn when you are killed -The first team to take 2 rounds wins -Team roles are decided randomly for the first round └The roles reverse for the second round └The roles are decided randomly again for the third round -The offense team must hold a location until the capture gauge fills to capture that location  └The gauge will fill faster the more candidates the offense team has in the capture location  └The gauge will not fill if at least 1 candidate on the defense team is in the capture location -If at least 1 candidate on the offense team is alive in the capture location when the clock runs out, the game will go into overtime -Overtime will run for up to 10 minutes, and if the offense team fails to capture the location, the defense team will win the round

Blitz Mode Challenges

Complete challenges that are only available during the event availability to earn ★, which go toward increasing your season level. See the in-game Challenges screen for details.


5/25/2022 (Wed.) 02:00 - 6/2/2022 (Thu.) 01:59 UTC *Matches available until 6/2/2022 (Thu.) 00:59 UTC