Letter from the Devs Vol. 7

Hello everyone, it's Ichikawa, producer of FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER, here again with the latest installment of Letter from the Devs. I hope everyone is enjoying the Egg Hunter event. The event runs until 4/26 (Tue.) 01:59 UTC, so you still have a final chance to get the event-exclusive chocobo eggs you want! In this volume of Letter from the Devs, I will be covering future updates and balance adjustments. As always, I'll be sharing lots of useful information, so stick with me through to the end.

Stability Issues

As a result of the improvements we made in the 4/14 update, we have seen the total number of crashes reduced to a total of approximately 9.6%. Although I'm happy we've gotten it down to a single digit, zero is the ideal, so this will continue to be a high priority for our development team. In the recent Bahamut Fury and Egg Hunter Challenges, players tended to gather at specific locations, which contributed to crashes. Even for players who didn't have crashes, the memory usage has led to momentary play hiccups and frame rate drops, so we will also be looking at ways to alleviate this sort of lag in addition to crashes. Our current plan is to consider how to solve this memory issue by early June. - Add options to decrease unique asset loading (Example: Decrease memory usage by allowing only a player and their team to show their unique skins, while other players will be shown with the default skin) - Improve map loading processes - Adjusting models on the map I do want to apologize again to players who are continuing to experience issues, but to reiterate, we plan to continue to prioritize improving crash rates and performance, so I thank you for your understanding and patience.

Bahamut SIN

Bahamut SIN from FINAL FANTASY VII ADVENT CHILDREN will appear on the training field from 4/26.

Bahamut SIN is resistant against gunfire and uses a more powerful version of Comet to rain destruction onto the battlefield. His other stats are also higher, making him a formidable boss opponent, but getting in close may just bring you victory... Bahamut SIN will require a different strategy from Bahamut Fury, so team up with other candidates and find out the best way to take him down!

Limited-Time Bahamut SIN Event

Exclusive challenges and login bonuses will be available during the event. Log in for an exclusive emote, and complete challenges for exclusive titles!

Private Matches

Ahead of the official release of the private match feature, the beta version of the feature is available to FF7FS official ambassadors from April 27th. During the beta period, most players will not be able to create private match rooms, but anyone can join a room created by an ambassador! If you want to join, be sure to check out the feeds of official ambassadors! Please just note that the beta version has only the most basic features implemented. We plan to add more features with updates, so I hope you look forward to the official release.

3/31 Balance Adjustments

Following is comparison of data from before and following the balance adjustments made at the end of March.

Cause of Kills Kills Kill Rank
Before Adjustment After Adjustment Before Adjustment After Adjustment
Lethal Gaze24,02032,90511
Combat Rifle Mod 28,61810,11833
Bahamut (Summon)3,9889,338115
Dissent's Bane5,4106,57967
Wrath Revolver4,7506,84089
Eclipse Eater4,4405,765910

First are the causes of kills across all battles. There aren't many changes to top rankers like Lethal Gaze and the Combat Rifle, but kills from the Bahamut summon have increased significantly. Megaflare and Inferno have been powered up, and players may have gotten used to controlling Bahamut, which led to a much higher ranking. Also, the Wrath Revolver has increased its ranking slightly, which may indicate the revolver has more punch than necessary. We'll be considering whether adjustments are necessary for this and other guns that have gained a reputation for their strength, such as Eclipse Eater, so we'll let you know if any updates are on their way.

Cause of Damage Damage Damage Rank
Before Adjustment After Adjustment Before Adjustment After Adjustment
Lethal Gaze11,720,13814,159,92911
Combat Rifle Mod 26,222,8697,474,92822
Dissent's Bane4,747,6416,070,15154
MP-60 Type A3,927,0354,693,72777
87-Type Handgun3,198,3523,826,91188
Bahamut (Summon)1,891,7143,456,599119

Next is the source of damage. It's a similar list to the kill causes, but Thunder and the MP-60 Type A are present here, showing they have a niche as pressure or for whittling down HP. Many players seem to use the 87-Type Handgun at the start of a match, making it rank somewhat higher than expected.

Materia Possession Count Possession Rank
Before Adjustment After Adjustment Before Adjustment After Adjustment

Finally is the usage rates of materia. There aren't that many big changes, but we can see that players seem to be using Bio a bit more now.

4/26 Balance Adjustments

▼Ranger Control Adjustments - Drone strengthened and features added  →Team HP info and mini-map are displayed  →Time until self-destruct shortened ▼Adjustment to Blizzard - Now focuses on enemy candidates first before attacking monsters

4/26 Feature Updates

▼Gift limit increased - The number of gifts you can send per day has been increased to 10

4/26 Error Corrections

- When a player uses materia with lasting effects such as Comet or Blizzard, kills from those effects were not recorded properly if they happened after the player that cast the materia had already been defeated - When a full-body chocobo skin was applied to a chocobo that hatched from an Egg Hunter event egg, the color of the chocobo was applied to the skin - Contact damage from the monster Bahamut when it uses its Divebomb attack was not being calculated correctly - When attempting to use the slider to make adjustments in the settings while using a controller, the pointer would disappear. This was also the case when attempting to enter text into a chat window - The helicopter launch position was slightly biased toward certain positions. - Adjustments to certain objects on the map

This brings us to the end of Letter from the Devs Vol. 7. We are into the second half of season 2, so we're starting to see more high-ranking players emerge. (I too am not far off from reaching SOLDIER Prime, but I'm struggling to get the RP to take me into the top.) We're currently working on preparations for season 3, while also identifying areas for improvement and making adjustments to elevate the overall experience of the game. We've got plenty planned ahead, but in the mean time, the private match beta test will be starting from April 27, so make sure to log in and join the Ambassadors for fun matches, or team up with others to take down Bahamut SIN. Until next time!