Malboro-Themed Skins

Malboro Ghillie Suit and other Malboro-themed items have been added to Shinra Packs!

Skins based on the menacing Malboro monster with infamously bad breath are now available in Shinra Packs! Dress up as the putrid plant-life monster and punish your enemies on the battlefield! The rates of Malboro-themed items are boosted during the featured availability period, so make the most of this opportunity to acquire these skins!

Featured Items

Character Skin: Malboro Ghillie Suit ♂ Character Skin: Malboro Ghillie Suit ♀ Head Accessory: Malboro Ghillie Helmet Face Accessory: Malboro Bandana Back Accessory: Malboro Backpack Gun Skin: Malboro Gun Skin: Malboro Neon The appearance rates of these items are increased during the featured availability period. See the Appearance Rates page in-game for details.

Featured Availability

4/16/2022 (Sat.) 02:00 - 4/26/2022 (Tue.) 01:59 UTC *These items will still be available in Shinra Packs after the featured availability period ends.