Premium Shinra Packs (FF7R IG)

Skins styled on Yuffie, Wutai's self-styled greatest warrior, are now available in Premium Shinra Packs (FF7R IG)!

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE character skins such as Yuffie and Sonon are now available! Dress up as the mischievous materia hunter and take to the battlefield!

Featured Items

Character Skin: Yuffie (FF7R IG) Character Skin: Poncho Yuffie (FF7R IG) Character Skin: Sonon (FF7R IG) ♂ Character Skin: Sonon (FF7R IG) ♀ Shuriken Skin: 4-Point Shuriken Staff Skin: Adamantine Rod Banner: Yuffie (FF7R IG) Banner: Sonon (FF7R IG) Emote: Materia Arm Roll Helicopter Skin: Funeral Flowers Helicopter About Premium Shinra Packs (FF7R IG) - Premium Shinra Packs (FF7R IG) can be purchased with 300 Shinra Credits or 5 (FF7R IG) Premium Shinra Pack Tickets. - A legendary is guaranteed every 25th pack. *Excluding tickets.


3/8/2022 (Tue.) 02:00 - 3/17/2022 (Thu.) 01:59 UTC

*Exclusive or limited-time items may be made available again in future updates.

INTERGRADE Login Bonuses

Day 1 (FF7R IG) Premium Shinra Pack Ticket x7 Day 2 500 Gil Day 3 Chocobo Egg Day 4 Moogle Medal x50 Day 5 Shinra Pack Ticket Day 6 Head Accessory: Yuffie Headband (FF7R IG) Day 7 Banner: Materia Hunter Yuffie


3/8/2022 (Tue.) 02:00 - 3/16/2022 (Wed.) 01:59 UTC



3/8/2022 (Tue.) 02:00 - 3/16/2022 (Wed.) 01:59 UTC