Season 2 Update Notes

Hello everyone, it's Ichikawa, producer of FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER. Below we are going to detail information about the Season 2 update.

New Features in Season 2

New Style: Dragoon

The new dragoon style is available from Season 2. Dragoons are focused on offense and, in addition to being proficient while airborne, are capable of limiting enemy MP usage, opening up new potential strategies. ▼Style Trait: Sky Predator Jumping from high altitudes will allow you to glide. Jump attacking from high altitudes will perform a divebomb attack.

High Jump and Dragon's Favor are the abilities available to the dragoon. ▼Ability 1: High Jump Grants you the ability to jump high and drift down slowly.

▼Ability 2: Dragon's Favor For a short time, increases movement speed and applies the following effects to your melee attacks. ・Decreases MP of opponents you attack ⇒MP decreases by 1-5 depending on damage dealt (effect halved for monsters) ・Applies a bleed effect (continuous damage) to opponents you attack ・Restores HP after killing an enemy player

Activation Bleed Effect

The dragoon's skills are as follows. ▼Skill 1: Aerial Wall Reduces gun damage from enemies at a lower elevation than you when you are in midair.

▼Skill 2: Wide Swing Increases the range of attacks with melee weapons.

▼Skill 3: Dragon's Ire Taking damage from a nearby enemy will place a marker on them for 8 seconds. Damage inflicted on marked targets reduces their MP based on the damage dealt. 43 damage decreases MP by 1.

New Boss Monster: Bahamut

Bahamut soars above the training field, and inflicting damage to him or waiting for him to descend to the crystalline protrusions will start the battle. He'll use familiar attacks including Flare Breath and Spin Attack. Triumphing in battle will allow you to summon Bahamut! ▼Training Field: Crystalline Protrusions

Special fields will appear at crystalline protrusions, where battles with Bahamut take place. Attacks from outside the field will be nullified to anything within, and vice versa. Note that this field will also appear around Scorpion Sentinels and Glitch enemies. ▼Movement Bahamut will fly around the training field, and his location can be confirmed from the map. Inflicting a certain amount of damage to Bahamut while he flies around may cause him to counter by warping to the ground, unleashing Megaflare, and more.

▼Defeating Bahamut Any players who deal at least 20% damage to Bahamut and survive to the end of the fight will receive credit for defeating Bahamut. ▼Bahamut as a Summon Using this summon materia will transform a candidate into Bahamut. Aftering transforming, a player will maintain the form for about 220 seconds, gain the ability to fly around, and can use three kinds of powerful attacks. Damage taken while in Bahamut form will decrease the amount of time you can remain as Bahamut by one second for every 10 damage, so it's not exactly god mode.

Flare Breath Divebomb Spin Attack
Incinerate enemies. Strike from above. Deal damage to anything in range.

Additionally, pressing the fire button will shoot out energy shots (Umbral Inferno). These can be changed into homing shots by locking on to an enemy.

Umbral Inferno Charged Umbral Inferno
Flames that fire straight ahead. Homing shots that chase after multiple enemies.

Megaflare, a powerful area-of-effect attack, is also available to use.

Unique Guns: Infernal Cannon & Flare Thrower

The below unique guns can be obtained from special Bahamut chests.

▼Infernal Cannon Firing normally will fire homing lasers and holding the fire button will fire a heavy laser, making it useful in numerous situations.

Homing Laser Heavy Laser

▼Flare Thrower Shoots out flames that engulf enemies nearby. It has a short range, but when used well it can lead to quick kills.

New Materia: Teleport

This new materia will allow you to create portals, which both allies and enemies can utilize. It can be used for quick escapes or other strategic maneuvers, but enemies can use it against you if you're not careful.

▼Teleport's Effect (MP Cost: 3) A portal directly in front of you and at a distance will appear for a short time. Entering one portal will warp you to the other. Other candidates, ally and enemy alike, can also use the portals. After leaving a portal, it cannot be used again for 3 seconds.

New Collection

During Season 2, you can exchange for items themed on Bahamut in the Collection.

Bahamut Fury and Bahamut SIN, skins that will change the appearance of the Bahamut summon, are available to exchange for in the Collection. Alternate versions of the Cloud (FF7R) skin are also available to give the outfit a Bahamut-themed appearance.

Alternate Skins

This new feature allows for the use of alternate versions of character skins. If you have the base skin, you can change its appearance after exchanging for an alternate version in the Collection.

Voice Line Settings

Several line variations have been added for you to select what your character will say in certain situations. These additional lines can be unlocked using gil in the Barracks.

Random BGM Option

We have added the option to play random BGM in the various areas where music can be selected.

Other Features

▼Sex of Chocobo Displays when Deciding Chocobo Name The sex of your chocobo will display after it is hatched and you give it a name. ▼Melee Attack Button Grays Out when Not Usable As the description suggests, the melee attack button grays out when it cannot be used. ▼Rank Information Adjustments ・Added a gauge to the ranking point display on the Profile screen, making it easier to view progress. ・Players who have reached SOLDIER Prime will have their ranking displayed instead of a gauge. ・Rank information page added that includes the amount of ranking points needed for each rank and the rules for earning ranking points (accessible from the Profile page). ▼Option to Play Home Emotes Automatically Added option in the Barracks to play emotes on the Home screen automatically.

Balance Adjustments

Balance Adjustments: Guns

▼Assault Rifles (AR) Lethal Gaze is overwhelmingly the most powerful, so all assault rifles have been adjusted to level the playing ground a little bit. In particular, the Combat Rifle Mod 2 has a low usage rate, but by making it better at longer ranges hopefully it can stand on its own among the other assault rifles. ・Lethal Gaze  ⇒Accuracy when rapid firing decreased  ⇒Lethal Gaze now appears only as Rare or higher ・Combat Rifle Mod 2  ⇒Base damage increased  ⇒Speed of bullets increased  ⇒Rate of fire increased ・Shinra Type B Assault Rifle  ⇒Base damage increased ▼Sniper Rifles (SR) ・All Sniper Rifles  ⇒Damage decreases based on distance for shots fired 100m or more away  ⇒Accuracy when moving and jumping heavily decreased ・Cyclops Roar  ⇒Is now only obtainable from vaults  ⇒Increased chance to appear from chests in vaults ▼Submachine Guns (SMG) ・Dissent's Bane  ⇒Base damage increased ・MP-60 Type A  ⇒Rate of fire increased

Balance Adjustments: Styles

▼Ranger  ・Ammunitions Expert Style Trait buffed   ⇒Damage reduction effect applied to sniper rifles is nullfied  ・Assess Style Ability buffed   ⇒Targets that receive the effect will have their HP bars displayed  ・Control Style Ability buffed   ⇒Drone self-destruct explosion damage has been heavily increased ▼Monk  ・Inner Strength Style Trait buffed   ⇒First melee attack when Inner Strength is active is changed to a jump kick. The jump kick has a much higher range than the usual attack.

Balance Adjustments: Other

▼Weapons in Vending Machines  ⇒Legendary guns, Polestar, and Buzzsaw Launcher now have a low chance to appear in vending machines. ▼Daily Challenges  ⇒Adjusted completion conditions.

Error Corrections

▼Chocobo Farm progression In certain cases, after changing skins in the Chocobo Farm, tapping on the Home button fails to return you to the Home screen. ▼Training zone outside of the map In the final phase of the match when the training zone shifts, it can sometimes shift outside of the map. ▼Controller movement - If you move the controller stick very slightly when using an emote, it causes the emote animation to continue while you move. - If you perform the same action when not using an emote, it causes your character to move without changing the direction you are facing. ▼Chocobo color - Chocobo eye color is the same as the body (wings). ▼Vehicle explosion damage treated as self-inflicted damage When you sustain damage as a result of a vehicle explosion, the damage is registered as self-inflicted damage. This has been adjusted so that damage and kills are attributed to the candidate that attacked the vehicle to make it explode. ▼Banner name changes The names of the following banners have been updated ----------------------------------------- Trainee Warrior ⇒ Warrior Sword Trainee Sorcerer ⇒ Sorcerer Staff Trainee Ninja ⇒ Crimson Shuriken Trainee Monk ⇒ Monk Gauntlets Trainee Ranger ⇒ Ranger Dagger

Upcoming Updates

The following updates are planned for mid-March.  ◆Adjustments to deal with technique that removes time between shots when changing equipped gun  ◆Option to disable camera controls when in ADS  ◆Chocobo adjustments  ◆Bomb Launcher adjustments

And that's all for the Season 2 Update Notes. This season will last until June 2nd, and we have more coming that we haven't been able to tell you about just yet, including additional updates based on feedback and suggestions we've received from players. We look forward to seeing even more thoughts from our players with the addition of the dragoon style and Bahamut!

If you have any opinions or suggestions, please be sure to direct them to our official inbox! ( Until next time!