Letter from the Devs Vol. 1

Hello everyone, I’m Shoichi Ichikawa, producer of FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER. I first want to thank you all for sticking with us despite the server issues and bugs we experienced at launch, and for your continued support and constructive feedback. We currently have our ears planted firmly against the community and are using your feedback to help us improve the game experience. To keep you up to date with how we plan to update the game going forward, I will write update notices like this one. In them I hope to share our thoughts, address your questions and requests, and provide you with information on future updates. I apologize in advance for the lengthy notice, but I hope you find it informative!

Bug Fixes

There are still bugs we haven’t been able to fix yet, and for that I apologize. We’re currently working on them, with a particular focus on crashes. ▼Crashes We believe that many of the crashes are caused by memory control issues, so we are analyzing this so we can identify the underlying causes and fix them in a swift manner. ▼Controller bugs We are aware of several issues players encounter when using a controller. See the link below for a list of controllers we are currently prioritizing. We are also working to fix a number of other bugs, prioritized in order of severity. Thank you for your patience while we work to address them.

Increased Frame Rate Option

We are currently working to increase the maximum frame rate. The game currently has three frame rate settings: high, medium, and low. In response to the numerous requests for a 60-FPS option, we are working to implement a higher frame rate setting that will accommodate this and provide for a smoother experience on powerful devices.

Improved Character Movement

We are currently working on the below adjustments to improve character movement. ▼Adjustments to movement speed reduction after firing a weapon Currently, after you fire a weapon, a technique is required to restore your movement speed to normal, but we’d prefer that no technique is required. We’re currently working to address this to facilitate more fluid movement. ▼Other adjustments/improvements - Additional option that only turns the scope on when holding the ADS (aim down sight) button - Improvements to camera distortion when starting ADS - Greater customization freedom for HUD (heads-up display) UI elements such as the voice chat button, team chat button, chocobo dismiss button, and other buttons will be made moveable and customizable. - Option for fixed view position when using materia - Option to move the view camera around freely when riding the helicopter - Adjustment that will allow you to move in the same direction in which you were directing the helicopter immediately after diving (currently, after tapping the dive button, there is a brief pause before you can direct your character in the direction you want to dive) - Adjustments to various sensitivity settings ▼Questionnaire We plan to hold a questionnaire during December to gather feedback for FF7FS, including the controls, to find out anything we’re missing that needs tweaking or improvement. We look forward to your responses and feedback!

Matching Logic Adjustment

We plan use the data we’ve collected to help us optimize the matching logic for ranked matches. We hope to implement this adjustment at the end of December.

Monster Defeat Logic

We are going to adjust the logic for certain monsters so that when players deal a certain amount of damage to these monsters, they will be counted as having defeated them.

Glitch Field Adjustment

We plan to address the issue of players outside the glitch field being able to attack players within the glitch field.

Balance Adjustments

We plan to implement the below adjustments on December 17th. ▼Chocobos  - Base stats reduced (ATK and HP)  - Actions that require stamina will consume more stamina to perform  - Damage to monsters reduced  - Wing flapping sounds when jumping will be added as a visual prompt on the screen ▼Chocobo traits - Powernap: Cooldown time extended ▼Sniper rifles  Executioner Gamma:  - Base damage reduced  - Headshot damage reduced  - Damage can no longer pierce through to downed HP bar  Mark 5 Sniper Rifle:  - Base damage reduced  - Headshot damage reduced  - Damage can no longer pierce through to downed HP bar  - Rate of fire increased ▼Shotguns  Eclipse Eater, Model S-7:  - Base damage increased ▼Materia Blizzard: Ice crystal durability increased Thunder: User and user’s teammates cannot be damaged by its lightning bolts Bio: Poison gas emitted when the bio ball lands can now penetrate walls Blind: MP consumption reduced to 1 and cooldown time increased Aero: Effect longevity reduced, and cooldown time now shortens as level increases Fire will not undergo any changes in this update but may be updated in the future based on how it is used. ▼Monsters Bomb: Counterfire and Fire damage reduced Cutter: Chainsaw Shot damage reduced Cerulean Drake: Max HP reduced, and Icy Aura is removed when it drops to the ground after taking a certain amount of damage ▼Revival - Downed HP gauge of teammates will no longer decrease while reviving them ▼Parkour - Sensitivity when initiating a wall climb increased We will continue to make improvements to the balancing of styles and weapons. Our philosophy for balance adjustments is to adjust parameters in an effort to achieve an environment where players have a multitude of options. Going forward we plan to continue to look at player data and directly examine the gameplay experience to create a fun and healthy meta.

If you’ve made it all the way here: thank you for taking the time to read this letter! I and the entire development team appreciate your support, and we’ll do all we can to make this a game you can enjoy for many years to come. I’ll continue to write updates like this, so be sure to keep an eye open. Until next time! ...P.S. Creative director Testuya Nomura chiming in here. We are planning a livestream next month to showcase the above adjustments and introduce lots of other new information. We’ll issue a notice as soon as we have more details to share.