Bundles on Sale in Celebration of the Release

Special bundles containing skins based on Cloud and Tifa are now available!

These iconic characters' outfits can be yours to wear. Be sure to also check out the skins based on the Security Officer.

Bundle Details

The skins in the Cloud Bundle (FF7R) and Security Officer Outfit Bundle are for either ♂ or ♀ body types.
Please choose which body type you want your skins to be before completing your purchase.

Cloud Bundle

Body Skin: Cloud (FF7R) Face Accessory: Cloud's Earring (FF7R) Back Accessory: Buster Sword (FF7R) Sword Skin: Buster Sword (FF7R) Emote: Gloat Banner: Cloud (FF7R)

Tifa Bundle

Body Skin: Tifa (FF7R) Face Accessory: Tifa's Earring (FF7R) Gun Skin: Silver Chain Bike Skin: Seventh Heaven Emote: Keep Quiet Banner: Tifa (FF7R)

Security Officer Bundle

Body Skin: Security Officer Outfit Head Accessory: Security Officer Helmet Chocobo Head Skin: Security Officer Bridle Chocobo Saddle Skin: Security Officer Saddle Emote: Salute Banner: Security Officer