Anniversary Event Part 2

The second half of the anniversary event is here!

Thank you for all your support over the past year. To show our appreciation, we're holding an anniversary event! During the event, there will be lots of treats and special challenges. Read on for the details!

Ultimate Mode

Part 2 of the anniversary event features the limited-time Ultimate Mode! *Ultimate Mode will only be applied to standard matches, private matches, and exploration. Ultimate Mode features numerous changes to the typical game rules. ▼Special Features - All candidates start the match at max style level - Melee weapons start the match at max level - All materia are obtained at max level - All guns appear at epic or higher rarity - All styles can air dash - Multiple supply drops will appear at once - Increased movement speed in hazard zone - Increased MP recovery speed Additionally, style-exclusive abilities appear in materia form. ▼Obtainable Materia Arcane Field Trance Vigor Blade Shift Assess Dragon's Favor *You cannot obtain the above materia if you already have the style ability available to you. *The above materia will not count towards the completion of challenges or titles that require the use of materia. *The monster Bahamut will not appear in standard matches during the event. *The following changes will be applied to ranked matches during the event. - All materia are obtained at max level - All guns appear at epic or higher rarity


11/15/2022 (Tue.) 07:00 - 11/30/2022 (Wed.) 01:59 UTC *Matches available until 11/30/2022 (Wed.) 00:59 UTC

Collect Anniversary Tickets for anniversary event skins and other rewards!

During the event, Anniversary Tickets will appear on the training field. Anniversary Tickets appear in either gold or platinum varieties. Anniversary Tickets may also appear in secret boxes. Anniversary Tickets can also be obtained from challenges.

*Obtained items shown on the results screen in private matches and the exploration mode are not added to your inventory.

Anniversary Packs

Use Anniversary Tickets to purchase Anniversary Packs! Snap up lots of Anniversary Tickets and go for event-exclusive skins and items!

Featured Items

Character Skin: Cloud's Madam M Blue Dress (FF7R) ♂ Character Skin: Cloud's Madam M Blue Dress (FF7R) ♀ Head Accessory: Madam M Tiara Sword Skin: Anniversary Warrior Sword Dagger Skin: Anniversary Ranger Dagger Staff Skin: Anniversary Sorcerer Staff H2H Skin: Anniversary Monk Gauntlets Shuriken Skin: Anniversary Boomerang Spear Skin: Anniversary Dragoon Spear Hammer Skin: Anniversary Machinist Hammer Card Skin: Anniversary Trickster Cards Utility Vehicle Skin: Gold Saucer Utility Vehicle Anniversary Packs - Anniversary Packs can be purchased with 50 Anniversary Tickets. - When you obtain a duplicate item, you will receive moogle medals instead of the item. - The rate at which moogle medals are obtained for duplicates from Anniversary Packs is exclusive to these packs.

Anniversary Challenges II

Special challenges to obtain Anniversary Tickets will be available for a limited time. In addition to Anniversary Tickets, up to 1250 "Advanced & Prem. Shinra Pack Tickets" can be obtained by completing challenges. Check the challenges in-game for details.

Anniversary Login Bonuses II

Special login bonuses are available during the anniversary event. Up to 250 "Advanced & Prem. Shinra Pack Tickets" can be obtained just by logging in.


11/15/2022 (Tue.) 07:00 - 11/30/2022 (Wed.) 01:59 UTC