Feature Additions and Changes

New Features

The following customization options will be added to private matches. - Variant matches with custom rules Player and location HP, appearing items, and more can be customized. - Day/night map selection added


Because Shinra Credits will no longer be purchasable, the following changes will be made. - Private match keys can be purchased with gil rather than Shinra Credits - The Next Season Pass in the Season 4 Season Pass will be changed to Shinra Credits Players who have already reached this reward will be given the appropriate number of Shinra Credits during this maintenance. The Next Season Pass will not be valid. The below updates will be made on November 1. - Expansion options in Chocobo Farm purchased with gil rather than Shinra Tokens - Support removed for languages other than English and Korean 10/19 update: Resource needed to change player name switched from Shinra Credits to gil