Halloween Havoc!

A joint project with the Research and Development Division is in effect and zombie candidates are now taking over the training field!

The Research and Development Division is testing out a new type of warfare and has released swarms of zombies onto the training field. Your job as a candidate is to put down any zombies you encounter and make it out alive. If you become one of the zombies, your task will be to infect all remaining candidates to seize victory! Gather special event items during the event availability to get spook-tacular items for the Halloween season!

During the event availability, match rules differ from usual. Player candidates that join matches may be turned into zombies. If you become a zombie, your task will be to turn all other candidates into zombies. If there are no living (non-zombie) candidates on the training field when phase 6 begins, the zombie team will be victorious. The last living candidate will win just like in regular matches if they are not turned into a zombie before phase 6 begins. ■Conditions to Become a Zombie You will become a zombie if any of the below conditions are met: - If you enter a zombie field - If you are hit with a melee attack by a zombie candidate - If you are hit with the zombie bomb ability from a zombie candidate *You can only be returned to a living (non-zombie) candidate with a PHS. *You will not be turned into a zombie if you are in a mimic or Bahamut state.

■Zombie Candidate Characteristics - HP will recover automatically - You can only use melee attacks and special abilities - Melee attacks will become zombie-specific attacks

Other Map Gimmicks

During the event, Shinra crates will be turned into moogle faces.

When you destroy a moogle face, there is a chance you can obtain Halloween grangalan summoning materia.

Gather Halloween Candy!

During the event, Halloween candy will appear in different locations around the map. There are two types of Halloween candy: green (normal) and red (special). Halloween candy may also appear in secret boxes. Halloween candy can also be obtained from login bonuses and challenges.

*Halloween candy can only be obtained in ranked matches. *Obtained items shown on the results screen in private matches and the exploration mode are not added to your inventory.


10/12/2022 (Wed.) 07:00 - 11/1/2022 (Tue.) 01:59 UTC *Matches available until 11/1/2022 (Tue.) 00:59 UTC

Gather Halloween Candy for Event Items!

Use the Halloween candy you acquire to draw Halloween Packs! Snap up lots of Halloween candy and go for event-exclusive skins and items!

- Character Skin: Creepy Cactuar - Character Skin: Patchwork Chocobo Costume - Character Skin: Chocobo Scarecrow ♂ - Character Skin: Chocobo Scarecrow ♀ - Head Accessory: Halloween Helmet - Face Accessory: Halloween Face Paint - Back Accessory: Ghost Scarecrow - Back Accessory: SOLDIER Scarecrow - Back Accessory: Turkey Backpack - H2H Skin: Dorky Face Knuckles - Vehicle Skin: Patchwork Paint Utility Vehicle - Gun Skin: Patchwork Paint About Halloween Packs - Halloween Packs can be purchased with 50 Halloween candy. - When you obtain a duplicate item, you will receive moogle medals instead of the item. - The rate at which moogle medals are obtained for duplicates from Halloween Packs is exclusive to these packs.


10/12/2022 (Wed.) 07:00 - 11/1/2022 (Tue.) 01:59 UTC