Special Shinra Packs (Sleeper)

Moogle-themed sleeper skins and a slick sports car skin are available in Special Shinra Packs.

Slip into a more comfortable skin and casually cruise your way to victory!

Featured Items

Character Skin: Moogle Sleeper ♂ Character Skin: Moogle Sleeper ♀ Head Accessory: Moogle Headband Back Accessory: Moogle Doll Sports Car Skin: Moogle Sports Car Chocobo Bridle: Sleeper Bridle Chocobo Saddle: Sleeper Saddle About Special Shinra Packs (Sleeper) - Special Shinra Packs (Sleeper) can be purchased with 150 Shinra Credits or 5 Sleeper Special Shinra Pack Tickets.


9/21/2022 (Wed.) 07:00 - 9/30/2022 (Fri.) 14:59 UTC

*Exclusive or limited-time items may be made available again in future updates.