May 18, 2022
The Basics
Learn the ropes here once you've finished the tutorial

In this volume, we will cover the game modes best suited for a candidate who has just finished the tutorial and go over some handy tips to help you stay alive on the training field.

First Things First


Get Some Experience in Standard Matches First.

Ranked Match: In this mode you earn Rank Points (RP) needed to climb the rankings
Standard Match: Ranks are not factored into this mode, so you are pitted against players of varying skill

Team: Fight in a team of 3
Solo: Fight on your own

Practice: Test out various weapons and materia
Combat Training: Play the tutorial

Tips for Staying Alive


If you're low on HP, heal yourself in one of the following ways:
Use a healing item / Use cure materia / Take a rest on a bench

You can select the type of potion you want to use from here.

Gather Duplicate Materia to Level It Up

You can hold 3 different types of materia.

Example: Cure ⇒ Cura ⇒ Curaga

Stagger Enemies

Inflict a certain amount of damage on an enemy to stagger it.

Movement speed for staggered candidates is heavily reduced, and staggered monsters cannot move at all, so move in quickly and deal as much damage as you can.

Utilize Parkour

When mid-jump, push and hold the pad in the direction of the object you are trying to scale to perform parkour.

Use parkour to get to more advantageous higher ground, escape enemies, or to avoid the hazard zone.

Raise Your Style Level

As your Style Level increases, your maximum HP will increase. Also, the Ability and Skill you have assigned to your character will strengthen, increasing your chance for survival.

- Defeat monsters and enemy candidates
- Open chests
- Survive through different phases

Collect Gil

Obtain gil by opening chests and defeating monsters.

Use gil to purchase potions and materia, or use it to upgrade your weapons.
You can also take a portion of the gil you obtain out of the match with you.
The better you place in the match, the more gil you can leave with.
Exchange gil at the Mog's Trading Post or the Moogle Emporium for items.

Other Ways to Have Fun

Chocobo Farm

Obtain chocobo eggs from login bonuses or from secret boxes then hatch and raise them at the chocobo farm.

Select the chocobo you want to call in a match and they will assist you when called upon in battle.

Breed a ♂ chocobo with a ♀ chocobo and you'll get a new chocobo egg. The parent chocobos will be lost after breeding, so make sure you have the duo you want before commencing coupling.

Using Shinra Pack Tickets

Shinra Pack Tickets obtained from login bonuses and other means can be used from the Shinra Packs screen in the shop.

Each time you purchase a Shinra Pack, you will obtain 3 items.
Shinra Packs can be purchased with Shinra Pack Tickets or Shinra Credits.

Customize Your Character

Head to the Locker located in the Barracks screen to equip the skins and emotes you obtain.

Customize a wide range of aspects of your character from your body type down to your facial features and voice.

Acquire Season-Exclusive Items

Gather Data Items and Exchange Them for Rewards

Defeat monsters in matches to obtain data items which can be exchanged for skins on the Collection screen.

The data items that monsters drop differ depending on the monster.
For details on defeating monsters, check out the "Taking Down Monsters" section in this guide.

Complete daily and weekly challenges to earn stars that are needed to raise your season level.
Work hard to complete challenges and earn special season pass skins.

Certain challenges can be completed just by landing in or visiting a specific location, so make sure to check your outstanding challenges before heading into battle.

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