Application Terms and Conditions

  • ・Before applying, please be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions specified below by Ateam Entertainment Inc. (hereafter "we").
  • ・In order to apply, your consent to the following 1) Terms and Conditions; 2) Privacy Policy; and 3) Gameplay Video & Live Streaming Guidelines is required. Please read the terms carefully.

1. FS Ambassador Program Outline

We are accepting applications for "First SOLDIER Ambassadors" (hereafter "FS Ambassadors") to post FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER (hereafter "the Game") gameplay videos and/or livestreams of the Game (hereafter "Content"). Applications will be reviewed and FS Ambassadors will be selected from among the applicants. Please complete your application carefully as Incomplete applications will be disqualified. FS Ambassadors must abide by the Streaming Guidelines and any applicable laws and regulations. FS Ambassadors are expected to actively participate in creating new content and streaming such content to audiences. The FS Ambassadorship and Ambassador Program is for a limited time only. Applicants are expected to re-apply in order to qualify for each FS Ambassador Program term.


[General Conditions]

  • ・At least 1,000 subscribers on YouTube or followers on Twitch

[Special Application Conditions]

  • ・If the above condition is not met, applicant should have frequent game content and a certain number of typical views per video on either YouTube or Twitch
  • ・During the FS Ambassador Program activity period, please publish two (4) or more gameplay videos or livestreams each month (in total 12 or more during the activity period) of the Game
■Application Period
May 18, 2022 - May 23, 2022 1:00 UTC
  • *Applicants accepted into the FS Ambassador Program will be contacted in the Game's official Discord server on or after May 25, 2022.
    Please join the Game's official Discord server before that time. The server can be joined via this link:
  • *The official Discord server will be provided in Japanese, English, Korean and Traditional Chinese.
■Activity Period
Around three (3) months. The detailed date and time will be announced separately to those who are accepted as FS Ambassadors.

2. Conditions for Application

  • ・In order to apply, a Discord account and an account with either YouTube or Twitch are required.

    *A YouTube and/or Twitch account owned by the applicant

  • ・Applicants must be able to post Content in Japanese, English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, French, German, and/or Spanish.
  • ・You must be 13 years of age or older to apply.
    If you are considered a minor in the local jurisdiction you live in (18 or 21 in most areas), your legal guardian/parent's consent is required.

3. Prohibited activities as a FS Ambassador

  1. 1) Streaming should not include violent, pornographic, obscene, discriminatory, immoral or unethical content
  2. 2) Streaming should not include use of any 3rd party or unauthorized content
  3. 3) Streaming should not include any misleading content (false, incorrect, fraudulent)
  4. 4) Any activity or content that is or would be considered illegal or in conflict with any applicable laws and regulations
  5. 5) Any activity or content that is or would be considered political or religious
  6. 6) Streaming should not include any spoilers or confidential information (example, streaming before certain embargo dates)
  7. 7) Any activity or association that may cause a negative impression or damages to our Game

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion with or without any cause, to immediately terminate your membership in the Ambassador Program and revoke your status as FS Ambassador

4. FS Ambassador Selection

  • ・FS Ambassadors will be chosen at our discretion from among applicants that fulfil the conditions in "2. Conditions for Application."
  • ・Notice of acceptance into the FS Ambassador Program will be delivered from one of our staff accounts (FF7FS STAFF) in the game's official Discord server.
    Please join the game's official Discord server before the application period concludes.
  • ・Membership in the FS Ambassador Program belongs solely to the accepted applicant and cannot be transferred, sold, etc.
  • ・If we determine multiple applications were submitted by the same person, only the most recent application will be considered.
  • ・Content published by FS Ambassadors may be shared on the Game's official site, official social media, etc.
  • ・In addition to these terms and conditions, FS Ambassadors will be required to agree to an additional agreement before participating in the FS Ambassador Program.
  • ・We are unable to respond to any inquiries regarding application status or results.

5. Video/Livestream Content

"Content" here refers to not only the gameplay videos and livestreams of the Game, but also the thumbnails, video descriptions, account/channel information, etc.

  • ・All Content published by FS Ambassadors during or after the activity period may be shared or otherwise used within the Game, on websites operated by us, and on other platforms (hereafter "Related Platforms") without remuneration to the Content's creator. In such cases, we are free to edit and/or alter the Content as needed.
  • ・Rights to the Content are retained by the creator. However, we reserve the right to publish, share, or otherwise use the Content on Related Platforms without remuneration to the creator. Submission of an application will be considered as agreement to these conditions.
  • ・Please read and agree to the Gameplay Video & Live Streaming Guidelines ( ) before creating and publishing Content.
  • ・If you choose to show your face in any Content, please be careful to avoid any personally identifying information. Handling of personal information included in Content is the responsibility of the creator.
    We can take no responsibility for any damages or losses incurred as a result of the posting of Content.
  • ・If you appear in any Content in a mask, special makeup/facepaint, or other disguise/face covering, please avoid anything that resembles characters from existing anime, games, etc.
    If we determine that any Content potentially infringes on the intellectual property rights of a third party, we or the owner of the intellectual property rights may take steps to have the Content removed.
  • ・If any of the below apply after posting Content as an FS Ambassador, your membership will be terminated and we may request the Content be removed:
    1. 1) We determine that you or the Content have or may have violated these terms and conditions
    2. 2) We determine that the Content violates the intent and purpose of the program (to relay the Game's appeal)
    3. 3) You use a third party's Discord account or video distribution platform account to apply, post, or stream Content
    4. 4) You use a third party's Discord account, video distribution platform account information, or other personal information without authorization
    5. 5) We determine that the Content contains illegal activity, actions that are antithetical to public order and morals, or violate any laws, ordinances, regulations, or rules
    6. 6) We determine that the Content is violent, sexual, obscene, or antithetical to public order and morals
    7. 7) We determine that the Content is discriminatory or may logically lead to discrimination against a particular nationality, religion, race, ethnicity, or group
    8. 8) We determine that the Content infringes on or may infringe on intellectual property rights such as copyright, trademark right, design right, publicity right, portrait right, privacy right, etc. of a third party
    9. 9) The Content violates the End User License Agreement or Terms of Service of Discord, the video distribution platform, or the companies that provide these services
    10. 10) We determine that the Content will or may cause damages to a third party or is inappropriate for any other reason

6. Handling of Personal Information

  • ・Personal information of applicants to the FS Ambassador Program will be used for the following purposes:
    1. 1) To screen applicants for the program
    2. 2) To contact applicants and provide information regarding entry into the program
    3. 3) To ensure the smooth operation of the program
    4. 4) To provide FS Ambassadors with information about the program and the game
    5. 5) To select and issue prizes, rewards, and other perks
    6. 6) To respond to inquiries
    7. 7) To aid in the planning, analysis, and review of improvements and new features for the program and the game
  • ・Personal information of applicants to the FS Ambassador Program will be deleted after it has been used to achieve its use purpose
  • ・Please read our privacy policy before submitting any personal information:
  • ・We may entrust some aspects of the operation of this program to an external partner.
    In such a case, we will provide necessary and appropriate direction to the third party to ensure they safely handle personal information.

7. Compliance

  • FS Ambassadors agree to comply with the following:
    1. 1) All information disclosed to FS Ambassadors and information acquired by being an FS Ambassador is confidential information (hereinafter referred to as "confidential information"). When information that was confidential information at the time of first knowledge is officially released, or if the First SOLDIER Ambassador Program Office gives permission to disclose the information, the information will no longer be treated as confidential information. FS Ambassadors acknowledge the above and agree to not disclose any confidential information to any third party (including family and friends), or to use confidential information for personal gain.
    2. 2) FS Ambassadors will not disclose any confidential information on any anonymous internet bulletin boards, blogs, social media sites, or any other form of media without the permission of the First SOLDIER Ambassador Program Office.
    3. 3) FS Ambassadors agree to handle and manage confidential information with the utmost care and will take steps to ensure that the leaking of confidential information does not happen.
    4. 4) When confidential information is found to have been leaked to a third party, or the possibility that it could have been leaked to a third party is discovered, FS Ambassadors will contact the First SOLDIER Ambassador Program Office immediately.
    5. 5) FS Ambassadors agree to comply with the terms regarding handling confidential information even after they have ceased activity as an FS Ambassador.
    6. 6) FS Ambassadors understand and agree that violating the terms set out in this Compliance or the Terms and Conditions in general may cause serious harm to Ateam Entertainment Inc., and in such case, will compensate for any damages incurred.

8. Other

  • ・If you wish to withdraw your application to the program or withdraw from the program itself after being accepted, please contact this address: ( In the message, please include the following: 1) The channel name submitted on your application 2) The URL of your channel, and 3) The reason you wish to withdraw.
  • ・If you wish to leave the program after publishing Content as an FS Ambassador, please contact a member of our staff (FF7FS STAFF) in the Game's official Discord server from the Discord account used to apply to the program.
  • ・If you withdraw an application or leave the program after acceptance, you will be unable to re-apply or re-join the program during that activity period.
    However, you will be able to re-apply during subsequent application periods.
  • ・Perks of the FS Ambassador Program may change at any time without prior notice. In the event the perks are changed, we will notify you in the dedicated FS Ambassador section of the Game's official Discord server.
  • ・Attempting to transfer or sell membership in the FS Ambassador Program is prohibited.
    In the event that an attempt at selling FS Ambassador Program membership is discovered, we may contact the seller or the service hosting the attempted sale to have the sale taken down.
  • ・Internet transmission fees, connection fees, etc. are the responsibility of the applicant. We cannot take responsibility for any connection issues.
  • ・We cannot take responsibility for any trouble that arises between applicants to this program and any third parties, nor for any damages or losses that may be incurred as a result of mistakes, etc. in submitted information.
  • ・This program may be ended before the announced ending time.
  • ・These terms and all information related to this program are subject to change without notice.

9. Inquiries About This Program

Ateam Entertainment Inc.
First SOLDIER Ambassador Program Office

Applications are closed. Please wait for the next application period.