First SOLDIER Ambassador Program

~Season 4 Ambassador Program~

About the First SOLDIER Ambassador Program
The First SOLDIER Ambassador Program is a program in which fans of FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER can become official representatives to the community and, by releasing gameplay videos and livestreams that show off the game and how enjoyable it is, help the game grow to new heights.



Ambassador Program Season 4

7 Perks for the Ambassador Program

  • 特典1

    In-game banner & other goodies for Ambassadors

    We are considering issuing Ambassadors an exclusive banner and other special gifts.
    *Exclusive skins are also under consideration

  • 特典2

    Access to an ambassador-only section of the official FF7FS Discord server

    Here ambassadors can communicate directly with the FF7FS team.
    *Non-ambassador players are unable to communicate directly with the team

  • 特典3

    Early access to game-related information, assets to aid in content creation

    The following is planned for Ambassadors that cooperate in creating and publishing videos and livestreams every month for season 3:

    1) Production cost financial support will be given to top 3 Ambassadors with the best monthly results

    2) Items necessary for content creation will be provided
    *Ambassadors may need to meet certain result targets each month to be eligible for these items

    3) Advance participation in test play for newly developed features
    *Only Ambassadors will be able to participate in advance test play
    (Videos and livestreams about the items and content issued by the team are allowed)

    4) Early access to new event and update information
    (Videos and livestreams about information received from the team in advance are allowed)

  • 特典4

    Chances for opportunities to communicate with the FF7FS team

    Ambassadors can participate in a monthly online discussion where they can share their opinions.
    Contents of the discussion are confidential and cannot be shared with non-Ambassadors.
    (Participants may be chosen from a lottery.)

  • 特典5

    Chances for opportunities to be involved in official livestreams, events, promotion, etc.

    We may reach out to Ambassadors to ask for cooperation with participating in official livestreams, events, promotion, etc.
    (Participants may be chosen from a lottery.)

  • 特典6

    Introduction of Ambassadors on our official site or social media.
    Support from the FF7FS team

    Chances for increased exposure for Ambassadors through updates to the official site and introductions on social media.

  • 特典7

    Chance to become a Royal Ambassador

    A select number of Ambassadors that perform well throughout the season in terms of subscriber numbers, views, content frequency, etc., will be elevated to the status of Royal Ambassador and will receive additional special perks.

  • *The timing of granting each perk of the First SOLDIER Ambassador Program is irregular and is not necessarily guaranteed during the activity period of each ambassador
  • *First SOLDIER Ambassador Program perks are subject to change in our sole discretion with or without prior notice