Ranked Matches Open!


Ranked Matches are here!
Battle your way to victory and aim to be the highest rank SOLDIER you can!

[Ranked Match Schedule]

6/4 (Fri.) 4:00 a.m. - 6/7 (Mon.) 11:59 p.m. PDT

◆How to Play Ranked Matches◆

[1] Tap on the "Game Mode" panel on the home screen.
[2] Select "Team" or "Solo" under the "Ranked Match" section on the "Mode Selection" screen.
[3] Finally, close the "Mode Selection" screen and tap the "Start" button.

◆Update Info◆

・Matching logic has been improved. As you wait for matching, it will become easier to be matched.
・The Guard Scorpion will appear more often. Defeat it for Secret Boxes and other rare rewards.


Please help us out by filling out the questionnaire and telling us your thoughts about the game. We value player feedback highly and will use your comments and suggestions to help us create the best possible experience before the official release.

[Accessing the Questionnaire]

Tap on the "Questionnaire" button on the game's title screen to open the questionnaire.


  • We are unable to provide individual support for issues that occur in the game during the closed beta test.
  • The game may suffer from technical issues during the closed beta test resulting in less than smooth gameplay.
  • Player data from the closed beta test will not be carried over once the game is officially released.
  • Certain features may be unavailable and content may change at the time of official release.
  • In-game currency cannot be purchased during the closed beta test.
  • The schedule for the closed beta test may be subject to change without prior notification.
  • Emergency maintenance may be required without prior notification during the closed beta test. In this case, access to the game will be temporarily unavailable.
  • Stats and certain content may be changed without prior notification during the closed beta test.
  • Livestreaming and posting videos/images of the closed beta test may only be done for personal use in accordance with the Livestreaming and Video/Image Posting Guidelines.

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