Closed Beta Test FAQ

No, data and progress from the closed beta test will be wiped after the test has concluded and will not carry over to the release version.

Below are the minimum recommended device specifications:

64-bit Android OS version 7.1 or higher, 3 GB or more system memory

*Recommended device specifications may change for the official release version of the game.
*Unforeseen errors and technical issues may arise in the beta version of the game.

Premium currency is not available for purchase during the closed beta test. Items can be purchased using "gil" obtained in gameplay.

Some of the gil you earn during a match can be kept after the match's end. Gift boxes you obtain after a match can also contain gil.
Other sources of gil include challenges, style masteries, and more.

You can send friend requests to other players by first tapping the friend icon in the top-right corner of the home screen, then entering a player name or player ID to search.
Your own player name and player ID can be viewed on the profile screen.

No, accounts cannot be remade or reset during the closed beta test.

No, data migration options are not available during the closed beta test.

No, controllers are not supported in the closed beta test. Controller support is being considered for the release version.

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